Top Five Reasons That Stephen Blair Venable Should Speak at Your Next Event:

1. He has written an extraordinary and game-changing book on human beings in the workplace: The Commencement Odyssey.

2. He is an accomplished public speaker.

3. He understands, from personal experience, every phase of the journey from college to the workplace, and through the workplace.

4. He can connect with people on an emotional level, and he makes people feel inspired and hopeful.

5. According to the Department of Commerce, by the year 2045, minority communities in the United States will have between $4.3 trillion and $6.1 trillion of annual consumer spending power.  That means that minorities will account for up to 70% of the entire U.S. growth in consumer spending power between the years 2000 and 2045.  At a time of such profound demographic change, Stephen represents the changing face of America, and he can speak about the future because he is part of it.

Keynotes & Media Appearances


Selected Media Appearances:

Stephen chats with MPR’s Kerri Miller about social networking on “The Daily Circuit”
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Stephen interviewed by Alan Miller on Access to Democracy
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Stephen interviewed on KMSP FOX 9 Morning News
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Stephen interviewed by Diana Pierce on KARE 11 News
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Stephen interviewed on KMSP FOX’s “Morning Buzz”
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Stephen interviewed on The Chad Hartman Show
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Stephen is quoted by Jackie Crosby of the Star Tribune
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Stephen is quoted by Mila Koumpilova of the Star Tribune
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A Few of Our Keynote Topics:

1. Making the Transition from Academia to the Real World
2. Higher Education, Social Mobility, and American Life
3. One’s Network as the Elusive X Factor
4. What is Merit—In College and in the Workplace?
5. Is There a Place for Idealism in Business and the Workplace?
6. A Liberal Arts Orientation in a Technology—Driven World
7. The Enduring Value of the Liberal Arts
8. How Post‐Secondary Education Must Change for the Benefit of Students, Families, and Businesses
9. Managing Issues of Control in the Corporate Workplace
10. Workplace Stress and Human Health
11. Are Those Who Survive (and Thrive) in the Workplace Actually the Fittest?
12. Minorities, Demography, Social Mobility, and the American Pie
13. The Real Solution to the Problem of Bad Bosses
14. Idealism as an Organizational Growth Strategy
15. Resolving the Guerilla Warfare Between and Among Workplace Peers
16. Directing Your Destiny in An Environment in Which You Have Inadequate Control
17. Structural Impediments to Productivity: The Physics of Value Creation
18. Why We Need More Female Leaders
19. Are Leaders Born or Made?
20. Making the Real World a Sensible, Fair, and Humane World
21. The Labor Force and the Future of the Employment Relationship


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