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Surgo Consulting Training & Development

Surgo Consulting Training & Development is committed to addressing the underperformance and chronic stress of employees operating in today’s complex organizational environment—an environment characterized by constant change, competition and conflict between and among coworkers, generational misunderstanding, chronic feelings of inadequate control, and low morale.

Surgo is also committed to changing post‐secondary education in America through our Real World Studies Global Initiative and Real World Studies™ Program by: (1) advocating for the inclusion of a critical, multi‐disciplinary analysis of the conflicts and perils inherent in the American workplace, as well as issues of social mobility, in every post‐secondary education, and (2) by providing consultation and guidance, seminars, program curricula, and other products and services needed to facilitate this evolution in post‐secondary education.

An analysis of the “soul‐numbing” transition from college to the corporate workplace, a roadmap for fixing the corporate workplace, and the case for changing post‐secondary education through the introduction of Real World Studies can be found in The Commencement Odyssey – published by our publishing division, Surgo Books™. Read more.