Top Five Reasons That You Should Consult With Us:

1. We specialize in the complex and messy people problems that are difficult to unravel or quantify, and are sometimes even difficult to identify.

2. We have a psychologist on staff to help.

3. We can help you articulate the business case for intervention to senior leaders and/or corporate boards of directors.

4. We can improve productivity and morale.

5. We can show you how to make our results sustainable.

Adaptive Consulting

Surgo offers organic, adaptive consulting services to organizations that are wanting to unravel and address the complex “people problems” that underlie workplace dysfunction, and that stifle productivity and decimate employee morale.

Our process is as follows:

1. Organic Project Assessment – We work with you, face-to-face, to identify issues of concern and to clearly identify your objectives.

2. Approach-Building – We work with you to develop a consensus as to the best way to approach the project, and we come to an agreement as to the steps that should be included in the process.

3. Service Delivery – We administer any necessary personality testing that is necessary (See Assessment Tools & Analyses), facilitate any necessary individual and/or group discussions, conduct any formal training

4. Measurement and Evaluation of Results – We provide summary reports that outline the steps taken to ensure that the benefits of the services rendered will be sustainable, and we measure effectiveness through customizable client survey materials.